Sunday, May 17, 2009

ED 403 blog news

Could we have a news posting saying, ED 403 has a blog, check your student mail for details. I am afraid some students may not check there mail until wed.

So should we meet at 1p.m. on wednesday?

Wow, a blogger at last!

Hi Everyone,

Feeling I have really arrived now being delighted to be blogging. If I have any questions, I'll ask my 12 yr. old daughter who is already experienced. Feeling at home as not much different than the Moodle posts.

The outline looks good so will put my mind to it.

Best regards, Ed

Friday, May 15, 2009

This is what we ended with on Saturday 16 May -Bob

nMap of the 12 USP countries indicating which have good connectivity and Fiji in particular for this course showing the distribution of students
nTitle: Future of Education – Practices of Tomorrow
nScope: 4 key issues, 3 realities
nWho are we? linguists, scientists, administrators, curriculum developers (MOE), ONE online expert, government officials, lawyer, distant students
nSkills: experienced teachers in face-to-face mode and DFL mode (print, VBC, satellite), computer literate, first online course
nIntroduction (cont.)
nDefinition of e-learning – “awaiting input…” – Bob Hogan
nTime scale – continuum
nKey Issues
nCost-effectiveness-awaiting more input from Bob
nResponsibility to the students to cater for their needs
nProvide options to pedagogies
nAccess to funds (grants), development of the program, fee structure and return (profitability)
nManagement innovation - hiring on contact rather than contract basis
nBody (cont.)
nFlexibility-in terms of students/faculty/management
nLearner sets own pace
nCross-credits reduce program lengths-reduce graduation time
nAccreditation programs
nExternal reviews of program quality
nPersonalized academic counseling??
nCareer advice before/during/after enrollment??
nTechnology used
nWide variety of multi-media used – online resources
nBody (cont.)
nAccessibility: a responsibility to others
nWays forward-opportunities
nEliminates disparity (gender, culture, academic capability, social interaction)
nKey Issues
nTraining (for teachers/students), professional development, human resource development
nAcceptance: student, faculties, communities

nTo do or not to do…
nWe cannot go back and start a new beginning, but we can start today and begin a new ending

Our ED403 Seminar Works Site

Hi everyone,

Welcome to our blog. Here is how it works. I converted our slides into Outline View. Now, you can make your changes right here in our blog. Heres how to do it. Simply paste your comments. I will add everyone's changes. This way, we keep a complete record.

Yes, we are ending the course with one more bit of new technology.

If you have any questions, just email me, or blog me!


P.S. I'm learning this too. Cheers